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Open a New Transparent Image-300 X 300, 16.7 million.

Flood Fill - Black.

Choose - Effects; Plug-in Filters; DragonFly; Sinedots.  Use the following settings:
NOTE:  Make sure that the Options Block is checked for Inverse
Add new Raster Layer.

Choose - Tube - Bloemgeel14, Scale - 100, Step - 100.  (NOTE:  You may use a Brush, Mask, Text, or any image with a transparent background).

Choose - Effects; 3D Effects; Inner Bevel.  Use the following settings:

With the Move Tool - Position Tube to desired location within the image.

Choose - Layers; Merge; Merge Visible.

At this point, you need to select the color that you want for your Laser Light.   For this tutorial, I selected a color within the Tube using the Dropper.

Add new Raster Layer.

Flood fill - using color selected with Dropper above.

Choose - Layers; Arrange; Send to Bottom.   See Below.

You can use a tube, mask, brush, text or any image on a transparent background.  I chose the Bloemgeel14 tube.
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Here are just a few examples.
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Download tube here:
Enjoy and have fun.  This plug-in is endless.  It makes beautiful stationery.
This tutorial is to be enjoyed by those who love working in PSP.  Do not copy or modify it without my permission.
Under no circumstances should it be used  in any way for profit.
by PegW aka Potpourri Peg
created July 08, 2001
Thanks so much to Philipp Spoeth aka DragonFly for a truly wonderful plug-in.  You will need to download his Sinedots plugin.  Unzip it to where you keep all your other plug-ins.

  Sinedots plugin
This was the first tutorial written using the Sinedots plug-in. There have been many tuts written since and there are now at least 2 Sinedots user groups .  Due to the overwhelming  response, Philipp has developed a Sinedots II.   Thanks to all who have used my tutorial and for the many kind comments.
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This tutorial can be made using PSP7,  PSP8 and PSP9.
PSP 8 and PSP 9
Choose - Layers; Merge; Merge Visible.

Save image.